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“Same Love” is not GOD’s Love

As a Christian, and based on GOD’s truths in the Bible, I do not agree with the gay lifestyle.  So, this entry is a difference of opinion to what transpired on-stage last Sunday night at The Grammy Awards. If you want to pull out the gay bashing card, please put it back in the stack.  It is not feasible here.

Accompanied by Madonna, Mary Lambert and Queen Latifa, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sang, as the Huffington-Puffington Post called it, their “marriage equality anthem” entitled “Same Love.”  The lyric that caught my attention most was:  “Whatever god you believe in/We come from the same one.”

The problem is, “Same Love” is not GOD’s Love.

“Same Love” is a worldly view that has no boundaries or safe-guards.  Essentially, the buffet table is open.  Whether it is a gay relationship, heterosexual couple just “moving in” with each other, or casual sex with whomever, these “alternative lifestyles” are born from one product, sin.

To explain what I mean, and show I’m not ostracizing certain groups, let’s go in the “way-back machine” to where it all started.

The Garden of Eden was perfect and its population consisted of one dude, Adam, and one chick, Eve.  No other couples of any kind were created along with them.  They lived freely within GOD’s protective boundaries.  So free, they were buck-naked as j-birds and no apprehension existed among them.

The one rule – “you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

As soon as Adam and Eve tasted that forbidden fruit, they got “knowledge.”  They became “smart.”  Sin had made its debut.  Instantly, Adam and Eve noticed some very interesting things about each other.  They were embarrassed and raced to clothe themselves. They tried to hide from GOD.  (Jonah attempted to do the same thing and that didn’t work out either.)

Except for JESUS CHRIST, everyone has sinned.  It steals our freedom.  It shackles us down.  It puts us on the run and skews our vision.  It tries to convince us the corner piece of the puzzle will fit in the middle.  It never has and never will.

Before sin, there was no murder, lies, greed, envy, lust, robbery, debauchery, self-absorption, etc. “Same Love” did not exist.  GOD’s Love did – and it included one man and one woman whom HE ordained as perfect fitting pieces (biologically and anatomically).

GOD’s Love is clearly defined, forgiving and eternally securing.  It is the “same love” HE offered to us today, yesterday and will tomorrow.

92 Million

Historically viewed by the world as the land of opportunity, the only word starting with an “O” that relates to America these days is obamaland.  92 million people in “the land of the free and home of the brave” are jobless.  It is truly hard to fathom.

That “o” might as well be a zero.

There never has been nor will be a “laser-like focus” on creating jobs…unless they are government positions.  A socialist wouldn’t have it any other way.  Five years ago this month, the community organizer made this proclamation with absolutely no intent of letting the private sector thrive.

I do not say help because government cannot create jobs.  The only way it can “create” is through the use of our money which they take more of by the day.  Big government certainly can tear down and has done an excellent job of this since obama was “ready to rule” from day one.

Unfortunately, there are many in this disgusting number that have zero hope of things improving. As noted frequently, many of those have given up trying to find a job.  They are weary of the daily battle, daily job search that often yields zero leads while compounding the anguish of a growing low self-esteem. Sadly, too, many have also chosen to live off the few who are working.  Maybe that is “fair” (another column for another day).  All of this does a disservice to those who long to work, but can find nothing.

Let’s put 92 million into perspective.

Internationally, the population of Canada (35 million), the Netherlands (17 million), Belgium (11 million), Sweden (9 million), Finland (5 million), Norway (5 million), Ireland (5 million) and New Zealand (5 million) would equal our jobless total.  Obama’s “fundamental transformation” would completely shut down eight countries.

At home, 92 million of our fellow citizens would equal the states of:  California (38 million), Texas (26 million), Florida (19 million) and Georgia (9 million).  That is a staggering thought. If each person counted above was in the job force, then four of America’s key economic states would cease to function.

Ceasing to function is currently what is happening to our economy and 92 million Americans can attest to it.

All roads lead to JESUS

A few days before Christmas, I heard a friend speak about a loved one who would spend the “most wonderful time of the year” in a less than wonderful atmosphere.  She then recounted the glory of JESUS’s birth, all who were there to experience it and how it changed them…forever.

I have heard and read the Christmas story hundreds of times, and listened to countless sermons on it. But, through my friend’s circumstances, the LORD opened my eyes to it in a new way – all roads lead to JESUS.

As an adult, JESUS said “come to me…”  Without the ability to utter a word, while lying in a feed trough, HE did the same as a baby.  And, they came.  We come.

All from different backgrounds.  All from different circumstances.  All from different roads.

A poor, newlywed couple from Nazareth became unlikely parents because they followed and trusted the LORD’s promises.  Shepherds, working the graveyard shift near Bethlehem, were invited by an angel, and “the heavenly host” proclaiming the “good news,” to come.  Encouraged to “fear not”, they accepted.  Three “wise men,” “Magi,” would not let the distance from their far Eastern lands deter them from following the “star” to finally meet “the light of the world.”

All from different backgrounds.  All from different circumstances.  All from different roads.

At some appointed time, maybe more than once, our life will intersect with JESUS – a crossroads of the life we have chosen, and the one HE has prepared for us.  It happens to the Sauls in us all, on the Road to Damascus, for those who fish in vain,  women at the well and a thief on the cross.

All from different backgrounds.  All from different circumstances.  All from different roads.

With any crossroads, a decision must be made – to continue in the same direction or go another route.  This choice will render an eternal consequence.  Saul became Paul.  Fishermen became fishers of men.  Women at the well chose to drink from the “eternal fountain,” not life’s pleasures.  A thief destined for damnation took up residence in Paradise.

After seeing “a baby wrapped in cloths,” once “terrified” shepherds left and “spread the word…glorifying and praising GOD.”  Wise men who traveled one path to Bethlehem, “returned to their country by another route.”

An encounter with “the great I AM” will change who we are and send us down different roads…forever.

And there the CHRIST will await because HE knows all about roads.  HE understands how long and painful they can be.  With a cross upon HIS back and our sins soon to be hanging from it, HE traveled the toughest one of all – not because HE had to but because HE chose to.

We all come from different backgrounds.  We all come from different circumstances.  We all come from different roads.

No matter how many detours we have taken, all of us scarred and damaged wayward souls can take hope in the truth that, whether it is in Bethlehem or on Golgatha…all roads lead to JESUS.

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