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A Memorial Day Thank You

Dear United States Military,

I want to thank you for your service. Thank you for putting your life on the line each day for my family and me…for people you will never know.

Whether you have served in combat or not, the simple act of putting on the uniform each day means you made the choice to sacrifice yourselves for all of us out here. And that is extremely humbling.

There are two things I know very well. First, my eternal freedom is secure because of JESUS CHRIST and HIS sacrifice on the cross. Second, the freedoms I enjoy daily in America come from men and women, like you, that the LORD has blessed our country with.

From the time my feet hit the floor until my head hits the pillow, “I can’t be me without you.”   In our house, our children know that truth very well. The United States Military is America’s first line of defense – whether it is on home or foreign soil.

While you stand guard as the watchmen on the wall, we go to the work of our choosing. While you remain vigilant, we can take vacations. While you are deployed to dangerous assignments, we go to baseball games, work in our yards or eat at our favorite restaurant. The examples are endless and all of them, from the most important to the most mundane, are enabled because of your sacrifice. Again, “I can’t be me without you.”

These days, you are far too often forgotten rather than cared for…taken for granted instead of honored…used by politicians for political and personal gain. Treated like afterthoughts, not the heroes you are!

With the deepest appreciation I can offer, thanks to all the members of the United States Military – past, present and future. You shield us from what other people in the world must endure. The old adage, “Freedom isn’t free,” is true, but so is a new one – “I can’t be me without you.”

GOD Bless,

Robbie Burns

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