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A Letter to Lebron


Dear Lebron,

As an American, you enjoy freedoms that millions of other people around the world would die to have. Incidentally, that is what many are doing in the streets of Hong Kong right now. They are fighting, and dying, at the hands of the Chinese totalitarian regime hell-bent on obliterating their freedom.

Why do you support them? It’s a fair question. I understand the NBA, whom you work for via the Los Angeles Lakers, are big business buddies with the Chinese.  There’s a lot of Yaun (the Chinese dollar) filling the pockets of nearly every NBA player and coach (Steve Kerr and Pop), including yourself. It would be tough to give up that “extra income.” Maybe not as tough as having your freedom, liberty, and life completely stripped away.  But, that’s just pocket change, isn’t it?

Are you “educated on the situation” I am referencing?

Let me help.

You live in the greatest (not perfect) country on earth where freedoms are limitless. Income, that only the wildest of dreams could conjure up, can be earned. Your dissent can be loudly extolled without reprisal from the government (at least for now, anyway). The ability to come and go whenever and wherever you liked (Cleveland, Miami, Cleveland, Los Angeles). The people of Hong Kong, who bought your jerseys, shoes and anything else you endorsed, are in a life and death struggle to save what you benefit from.

I guess the most important, and final question, for you is simply:

What’s the price of freedom?

GOD Bless,

Robbie Burns

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