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Open Letter to a Main Stream Media Columnist

(This is my rebuttal to a column written by Leonard Pitts, Jr. of the Miami Herald.)

Dear Mr. Pitts,

Your “open letter” to President Trump felt as though it would have been penned for our most recent past-president. So much of your diatribe seemed to pertain to the previous eight years our country endured. But, let’s be proactive, as President Trump is doing, and take a closer look at your correspondence to him.

In relation to the US Constitution, and the presidential election, via your own verbiage, “let me explain to you how this works.” The winner is not based on the popular vote but rather on the electoral college. The Founding Fathers set it up in this manner so, whether they lived in a bustling, cosmopolitan area of millions or in a rural region of hundreds, each legal citizen’s vote would count. (If you happen to differ with my synopsis, please take a moment to access Prager University’s YouTube channel. They offer two excellent presentations on the Electoral College and popular vote). Per your statement, the president has “324 million bosses.” I’d assume you’d want all their votes to count, right?

Included in those “324 million bosses” would be “all the other trolls you (Trump) have brought clambering up from under their bridges.” In an off way, I’d assume you are referring to Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables”? The Bible thumpers. Those who believe in God and those who don’t, but still cling to their guns? The Rednecks? The Uncle Toms? If I am wrong, please specify who these trolls are in your next column.

You also asked, “Just who the hell do you think you are?” We are citizens of this United States. Many, just like you, are “a freeborn American.” Others have taken the legal route to obtain citizenship into this “Shining City upon a Hill.” Truthfully, we either voted for Trump because we loved his views or, like myself, voted against another four years of watching our beloved country decay into a deeper cesspool of socialism while being sold off to the highest bidder.

We also do not like seeing the Constitution trampled upon. It’s laughable for you to assert President Trump feels entitled to “run afoul of the Constitution.” Too busy the previous eight years to watch your guy or were you hampered by selective reporting? The Chrysler Bailout? IRS political profiling? 2012 Recess Appointments? Changing laws without actual legislation? Implementing the Dream Act by executive fiat? There are many, many more examples. Again, in your own words, “Any of that ringing a bell?”

As supporters of President Trump, and his goal to “Make America Great Again,” we have not greeted him “with an out-thrust palm and a hearty ‘Sieg heil!” During Obama’s terms, we did not act “unruly” by rioting in the streets in response to his policies. Public property wasn’t destroyed and business windows were not shattered. We did not turn America’s main streets and highways into war zones. That’s the stuff of the Third Reich and their “night of broken glass.”

Based on what was written, your letter wasn’t to President Trump or his trolls. You must have been thinking of someone else.

God Bless,
Robbie Burns
“Troll” From Under the Bridge

92 Million

Historically viewed by the world as the land of opportunity, the only word starting with an “O” that relates to America these days is obamaland.  92 million people in “the land of the free and home of the brave” are jobless.  It is truly hard to fathom.

That “o” might as well be a zero.

There never has been nor will be a “laser-like focus” on creating jobs…unless they are government positions.  A socialist wouldn’t have it any other way.  Five years ago this month, the community organizer made this proclamation with absolutely no intent of letting the private sector thrive.

I do not say help because government cannot create jobs.  The only way it can “create” is through the use of our money which they take more of by the day.  Big government certainly can tear down and has done an excellent job of this since obama was “ready to rule” from day one.

Unfortunately, there are many in this disgusting number that have zero hope of things improving. As noted frequently, many of those have given up trying to find a job.  They are weary of the daily battle, daily job search that often yields zero leads while compounding the anguish of a growing low self-esteem. Sadly, too, many have also chosen to live off the few who are working.  Maybe that is “fair” (another column for another day).  All of this does a disservice to those who long to work, but can find nothing.

Let’s put 92 million into perspective.

Internationally, the population of Canada (35 million), the Netherlands (17 million), Belgium (11 million), Sweden (9 million), Finland (5 million), Norway (5 million), Ireland (5 million) and New Zealand (5 million) would equal our jobless total.  Obama’s “fundamental transformation” would completely shut down eight countries.

At home, 92 million of our fellow citizens would equal the states of:  California (38 million), Texas (26 million), Florida (19 million) and Georgia (9 million).  That is a staggering thought. If each person counted above was in the job force, then four of America’s key economic states would cease to function.

Ceasing to function is currently what is happening to our economy and 92 million Americans can attest to it.

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