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Your Day, Not Mine

In my 9th and 12th grade history classes at Tattnall Square Academy, we begin each day with a DMR (Daily Military Remembrance) to honor those who have given their life in service of our country.

With this being my birthday, I was curious as to who gave their life on the day I was born. Meet today’s DMR, Pfc. John Martin from Forsyth, Georgia. Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 10.05.55 PMHe was only 23 on October 3, 1966. A life filled with dreams and goals.

Today, GOD blessed me with my 53rd year. I’m sure Pfc. Martin would have wanted to reach this age (that includes many more like him who died on this date in Vietnam).

On the same day – sadness in one home and joy in the other. A beginning and an end. My 53rd year of freedom has been granted by GOD’s grace and your sacrifice for the freedom’s I’ve long enjoyed.

Thank you, sir.

This is your day, not mine.

Buzz Williams – Teaching more than Basketball

It’s not because you are an excellent coach. You are.  (.600 winning percentage in nine seasons as a college coach. Five NCAA tournaments).

It’s not because you are charismatic and likable.

It’s not because of the way you get your Virginia Tech men’s basketball team to consistently play hard.

It’s because what you impressed upon, and demanded from them, regarding our national anthem.  You refused to allow their actions become a habit.


It’s because you put your job at risk and stepped out where many other college coaches might not have the courage to do so.

It’s because you drew a line in the sand.

It’s because you stood up for the men and women of the United States military that stand in the gap, putting their lives in danger, for us each day. And did so on a college campus. Even on a patriotic one like Virginia Tech, the college landscape is a haven for the politically correct.


Because you are teaching your players life lessons, and about more than X’s and O’s,  you have my utmost respect and a new fan.







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